Review: Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil with Coilloidal Oatmeal

It’s very appealing to stick to blogging the fun side of beauty – the glossy lipsticks, beautiful nail polishes, pretty blushes etc., but sometimes you need to turn to the less glamourous side of things, the things you need to do to give yourself a decent canvas to stick the fun stuff on top off.

I’ve always really struggled with dry skin on my legs, leaving them really itchy. I’ve been looking for something that was soothe them while adding moisture. So many body lotions are heavily scented and leave dry, scratched skin stinging and red.

I saw this Aveeno Creamy Oil on offer in Boots, and I was intrigued – anything with the words ‘oil’ or ‘gel’ in the title intrigue me, as I’m not a fan of anything overly creamy or heavy, in spite of having dry body skin.

Plus, Jennifer Aniston is the brand spokesperson, and I can’t deny – that did catch my attention. She’s always so put together and her skin always looks perfect.

The cream has a nice, light scent – sweet and with a hint of almond. It’s not overly scented, just enough of a little something to make it feel more indulgent. It sinks in quickly, and didn’t sting – so a winner from me in that respect, as so many products further irritate the dry, delegate skin on my legs.

The packaging is nice enough, but nothing special – although as mentioned at the top of the page, this is a more a necessary product that one you’d use to feel indulgent. I do however really like the pump – it makes application far less messy and more hygienic than sticking your fingers into a pot of cream.

My lovely other half suffers from patches of psoriasis and we’re currently testing this out to see what effect it has – oatmeal is commonly used in skin products to sooth eczema and psoriasis prone skin, so hopefully we’ll see some positive effects.

You can buy Aveeno Creamy Oil from Boots, and it’s currently included in their 3 for 2 Skincare offer, and is priced at £7.65.

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