Oh oh – & Other Stuff have a sale on…

…and that always spells disaster for my bank account.

I love &OS – for those that don’t know, they are the middle child in the H&M family, with Cos at the top in terms of both out there aesthetic and price point. For me, the quality of &OS outstrips H&M, but their styles are on the more wearable end of the spectrum from Cos (especially for those of us sadly not built like beanpoles).

From bitter experience, I’ve discovered it’s far better to order everything you like from their sale straight away (it can always be returned…) rather than doddle, as things sell out really quickly (especially their leather handbags, which are always well discounted).

I ordered quite a few bits this time round – some work items, some accessories. As you can see, I’m still favouring the more muted colour palette, but I loved the splash of yellow in the bag. I’m really excited to receive my order through, as I’ve always been really impressed with the quality of things from &OS.

One thing they didn’t have, that I am on the look out for, is a dove grey trench – I think that would tie together so many things in my wardrobe (and wouldn’t it look beautiful against the splash of yellow?) Leave a comment below if you’ve seen anything like that out at the moment.

I will no doubt be back on, in case they add any new items. Addicted – moi?…

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