Glasgow Restaurants – a Wish List

In spite of being a fairly regular eater-outer (as it were), there are still quite a few restaurants in Glasgow I’m keen to try. As an aide-memoir, I’ve written myself a list:

Bibi’s Cantina
Black Dove
Black Sparrow
Chop Chop (we have a voucher for here, so will be visiting soon)
Hutchesons (also have a voucher for here, I’ll be taking my Mum to afternoon tea)
Opium (a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t use MSG – huzzah!)
Porter and Rye
The Crafty Pig
The Finnieston
The Gannet
The Sisters (I was lucky enough to meet Jacqueline O’Donnell at a Miele dinner, and she was utterly lovely!)
Two Fat Ladies

Anywhere else unmissable, that I should add to the list?

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