Project 2017


The blog has seen a bit of a hiatus over recent months; given I work in communications and marketing, coming home and writing copy, taking photos and updating social media was really lacking any appeal, feeling more like a bus man’s holiday.

2016 also proved to be a very challenging year for me, with family illness and bereavement, work stresses, moving house and a host of other stresses big and small meaning survival became the focus, rather than developing hobbies and interests (sadly, perhaps a little counter-intuitive on reflection).

We’re now on day four of a new year and I’ve spent time over the last few days reading many goal/ resolution posts and reflections on the last year. For me, after much consideration, I’ve realised there is only one goal I can set for myself in 2017 – improve my self-care and mental health.

I’ve worked myself into a difficult place and need to explore ways to help bring myself back to a more positive situation, both mentally and physically. As part of this ‘project’ (so to speak), I hope to re-start blogging, as a way to diarise and share my journey and what I’ve learned. Some of the areas I want to explore include minimalism, better nutrition and exercise, exploring the outdoors more, as well as finding practical tools to help manage my emotional state more effectively, and create a more organised environment.

Things feel a little bleak at the moment, but having found the light in the dark before I need to focus my energies on the positive and taking pro-active steps toward a brighter future. I hope, if you’re reading this, then it resonates with you and you stick around for a little while to share the journey.