IMAG0746We stopped by Something…, a new addition to the Clarkston cafe scene, one recent Sunday for a bite of brunch and we were delighted to see our hopes for a new decent local were more than met.

It’s so refreshing to see something a bit different in Glasgow (not a burger in sight…) never mind out in the wilds of the southside. I can hold my hands up to say I did a genuine squal of delight when I saw the menu – sumac! Black beans! N’duja! Roasted cauliflower!

We ordered the Tolteca (chipotle salsa, black beans, avocado puree, and coriander on a fried tortilla with fried eggs) and the Stornoway (black pudding, caramelised onions, sourdough and the ubiquitous eggs). Both dishes were really well cooked, flavoursome and very decent potion sizes. Doggy bags would have been useful; as it was, we stuffed ourselves silly and pretty much rolled out of the door.

IMAG0748 IMAG0747
Staff were welcoming, friendly and service swift. If I was being really picky, a more comprehensive selection of some really good quality tea would be the cherry on the parfait, so to speak, but that is a minor quibble.

This will definitely become a frequent local haunt for us.

Budget buy: Seventeen Eye Eye Shadow

IMAG0778I had to panic buy (party later than day, in another city, had forgotten to bring any) make-up the other day, and picked up a couple of cheap bits from Seventeen.

I already have quite an ample make-up collection so I didn’t want to spend too much, so headed to this budget brand’s stand in Boots. I picked up the concealer, and one of their Eye Eye Shadows. Now, I recently heard Fleur rave about these in Lana’s UK/ USA make-up swap video, so I thought I’d give them a go. I picked up the shade Rose Quartz, which was a purse friendly £3.99. My oh my, these pack quite the punch for such an affordable item – super soft, buttery and very very pigmented.

IMAG0780This particular shade has a similar tone to MAC Satin Taupe, and By Terry Misty Rock (both products I own and love), with a taupey grey/lilac swatch. It does lean a little more pink on me, and it does have a fair amount of sparkle but I think this is still neutral enough you could wear it both day and evening.

The packaging also feels more sturdy and secure than you might expect from such a budget range, which is a pleasant surprise.

I have to be honest here – Seventeen is not a range I have taken much notice of, post initial teenage make-up buying years, but this really impressed me. They had a fairly reasonable range of other colours, which I’ll definitely be checking out soon.IMAG0779

In other news, I’ve just discovered that L’Oreal have discovered their Infallible Eyeshadows (in the UK at least), which I was really disappointed to hear – they were one of my all time top budget buys. The newer L’Oreal Mono Shadows are really nice as well, but the Infallibles just packed some a pigmentation punch, they just aren’t quite as good for me sadly.

Any other top budget picks? Share in the comments below!