Wardrobe Update

Perusing Twitter the other day, I was rather too excited to see Oasis were having a sale – the last few times I’d ordered from Oasis, I hadn’t been completely bowled over by the quality, in comparison to items from French Connection and & Other Stories. I’d felt a big different in the finish and fabric of pieces, however they are at different price points on the high street and they did have a few items I fancied ordering for a closer look at…

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On the whole, I think the theme is clear – neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. I’m in the process of trying to make my wardrobe less crammed with stuff and more ‘capsule’. I’ve also become obsessed with black, grey and white with the odd bit of animal print to add some interest. I think the tops could be dressed up for work, or worn casually with jeans or a leather mini skirt for a more casual weekend outfit.

I really love the taupey-grey colours that are in at the moment – I think they’re just that little bit more chic that standard grey or black but are still neutral enough to work with almost anything. I also love the pop of bright pink in the striped top, and I think makes it looks more expensive that it is – always a good thing when working to a tight budget!

Have any sale bargains caught your eye lately?

The Body Shop Bouncy Sleep Mask

I wandered into the Body Shop recently, and ended up picking a few bits and pieces, rather enabled by a very nice and helpful store assistant.

The Bouncy Sleep Mask is a new release from the Body Shop, as part of their Drops of Youth range, and I was pretty curious to check this out as I’d heard about the unusual texture.


The Bouncy Sleep Mask is apparently enriched with ‘Edelweiss stem cells’ (whatever they are!). It’s designed to be used in the evening and left on overnight – though I’d say ‘mask’ is a bit of a misnomer – it’s really a gel night moisturiser. The texture is certainly worth discussion – it is reminiscent of silly putty and very siliconey feeling (dimethicone is fourth on the list of ingredients, so not altogether surprising)  – it took me a couple of uses to get a feel for how much product to use. You get a mini scooper to use, and for once, I’d say this is actually worth keeping, to scoop an amount of product before smoothing on with your fingers – it’s a struggle to actually pick up any with bare fingers because of the consistency. You also need far less than you’d initially think – being a ‘mask’ you think of slathering on a thick helping, but really you need at most a pea-sized amount to cover your whole face and neck.


I haven’t been using this long enough to get a real feel for the results but I do like it so far – it feels nice, light and refreshing on the skin which is a big plus for me as I’m not a fan of sleeping in rich products, and my skin did feel more hydrated in the morning. The smell is also nice and fresh, again, perfect for evening. I also have anecdotal evidence from a friend who has been suffering with really dehydrated skin that this has made a tangible difference with just a few uses.

The very kind sales assistant also gave me a sample pot of the Drops of Youth Concentrate, which I really liked – it  had the same very fresh and light feeling, and it might be my next Body Shop purchase once I’ve finished my favourite REN Radiance Serum.

If you’ve tried the Bouncy Sleep Mask, do let me know what you think in the comments – I feel like this might be a bit of a love/hate one…