I’ll take the high road…

At the end of holidays, we decided to take a day trip somewhere, get a little movement about ourselves, some fresh air and a change of scenery.

We decided to go a little further north from where we are, and visit Loch Lomond. We stopped off for lunch at the lovely Lomond Shores, and then on to Luss for an exceptionally bracing walk. I’ve added a few shots from our day trip below…

2015-01-03 14.26.20

2015-01-03 14.41.02

2015-01-03 14.30.44

2015-01-03 14.33.36

2014 Favourites: Part Three, Skincare

We’re now on to Part Three of my 2014 favourites, looking at the best skincare items of the year. I have three top pics, plus a couple of honourable mentions.

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La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel

I started using this in late 2013, and I wasn’t mad keen paying over £10 for a face wash (although this is positively thrifty compared to some of the high end offerings in vogue right now). I really like the cooling gel texture of this, and it does a fantastic job of breaking down make up as well.

I would say this has a very slight medicinal scent, but I don’t mind that – I’m not keen on overly scented face products on my quite sensitive skin. One aspect I really do like of this cleanser is how thick it is – it really adheres to the face, helping to break down make up, and not sliding right off (a real boon if you ever wash your face in the shower as well). It leaves my skin well cleansed, make up free and feeling soft and fresh – what more could you ask from a cleanser?


REN Radiance Perfection Serum

Last year, my local Wholefoods had a phenomenal discount on their skincare ranges and I went slightly nuts, mostly for REN stuff but also some Melvita as well. This serum was undoubtedly the most successful purchase, and I’m already on my second bottle.

It’s my first serum, and I can truly see a massive difference the morning after I put this stuff on. It seems to really even up my skin tone and make my skin glow. The smell is nice, and not too strong – it’s smells a bit honey-like to me, but that might an unconscious association because of the yellow/ orange packaging. This serum is around £35, so not super cheap but not overly expensive as serums go either.

I really enjoy the texture of this – it feels very light and refreshing, and sinks in really quickly without any oily feeling.

One of the main ingredients in the serum is vitamin c, which I believe is good for evening skin tone, and that is one area I definitely see a big difference in when I’ve used this the evening before. I tend to have a bit of redness going on, on my very fair skin especially if I have any healing spots and this makes a bit difference in unifying my skin tone and bringing down the red tones.

In terms of storage, I’d suggest keeping this in a drawer or the original box, as the product is preservative free and I don’t think the clear glass bottle will keep it at it’s most effective.

Face masks

I haven’t been using masks religiously this year, but I have picked up two that I do enjoy using, and seem to make a tangible different to my skin – they are the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask , and the cult GlamGlow YouthMud. Both exfoliate the skin without irritation, and leave me with a right brightness and glow – I’d say both are especially good the night before a big event.

Lipbalm/ treatment

Lanolips Ointment

I have been having major problems with my lips lately – they have been stinging and burning, and cracked at the corners, which is not a good look. Even my beloved Nuxe Reve de Miel wasn’t able to sort them out – after a while I gave in and threw some cash at this Lanolips Ointment, without much hope it (or anything) would help.

Lanolips has gained a real cult following since it launched in 2009, and is made from medical grade lanolin, vitamin e oil and 100% natural fruit extract in the scented versions. I’m not specifically in to all natural or organic products but I have to say, it is a nice feeling to use something so natural on my skin. It is also very, very firm when cool – I suggest popping it on to the radiator for a few seconds before squeezing out the product.

This ointment has made a massive difference – my lips aren’t stinging and cracked any more and the corners are actually starting to heal. My skin can be a little reactive, so this natural multi-use balm is a fantastic standby for ragged cuticles, dry and flaky elbows, sore lips and so on. I also like that it’s packaged in a squeezy tube – it feels so much more hygienic than the pots of balm you need to stick your fingers in. An all round great skincare buy.


In 2015, I want to continue taking better care of my skin as I move into my thirties (sob…) so I’ll be on the lookout for quality products which can help balance my combination skin and leave it looking smoother and more glowing. I also want to improve my knowlkedge of skincare, so that I can make more informed choices.

One product I do have lined up to try is the La Roche Posay Serozinc, another cult goody. I’ve heard so much about this over the last few years, and am keen to try now it’s being stocked by Escentual.

Let me know below if you have any recommendations in the comments below.